Monday, November 24, 2008


Last week Derek had to go to Sacramento California for a work conference. I happened to be off work so I decided to tag along with him! We stayed in a very nice hotel downtown right next to "Old Sacramento." It is a cute little part of town on the river with some cute shops and old railroad station...Each day while he went to his conference I would shop. shop. and shop some more! There are two really big outlet malls in Sac and one of the biggest indoor malls I have ever seen! It was Right outside the city and seriously so big! (Kinda like an airport!) Everything outside of Sacramento is so so new and really attracting people and families (Home prices are cheap....wait, I mean compared to the bay area!) Each night Derek and I got to go out to dinner downtown and spend some time together...It was nice to get away and spend time with D!

This was the first time I have been to the state Capitol of California! It is a beautiful building in the middle of a pretty neat city.

Projects @ the Moore house:)

Finally Derek and I have had some time to get some things done around the house! It seems like November has gone by so fast! I am getting so excited for the holidays and being able to decorate our new house for Christmas! Right when we first moved in, Derek's great Aunt gave us a pair of antique lamps. I loved them and could not wait to fix them so they worked! The hardware in them was really old and needed to be replaced. They also needed new lamp shades. After a trip to Home Depot and an hour of putting them together(very gently---they are hand painted and very fragile!) here they are!

This next project took us longer than an hour....actually it took us a few weeks(Only working on it during the weekends). Derek's parents friends gave us this hutch when we first moved in. It was painted a brownish color(That had to go) and we wanted to paint it black and put it in our new family room. After refinishing, painting, and putting new hardware on it, here it is!

Another big project has been window treatments. For some reason I love picking out hardware(Windows, furniture, lamps, and much more!). I just think that so many things can look so much better with some good quality hardware! (I know I am a dork:) Here are our new silk curtains in the guest bedroom and the master bedroom:

And more hardware! I have no idea what this is called... Door Knocker? Anyways I found it at an estate sale and thought it would look nice on our front door!

Could not resist the beautiful fall colors:
Here is our Family room! We were originally going to have this be the Living room, but I decided that Derek (gasp) was right about having this be the family/TV room! He thought we should use the biggest room as our family/TV room. I was totally against this idea at first, but eventually Derek convinced me that it could work. In the future we want to redo our kitchen and make the room off of the kitchen the dinning room...and (I hate to admit) it makes sense! After all we did work VERY hard putting the new bamboo floors in the family/TV room!

Here is the very empty future dinning room. Our plan is to put our new table and chairs in here on one side and make the area next to the fireplace a little seating area. We just need a couch, rug, artwork, and a lot of $$$ to redo the kitchen!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

oh piss

Yep, that's's cat pee. Derek and I came home to find that Arnie used an old box in the office as his litter box. When it was warm out we could keep the litter box in the garage and leave the door open. Since it has been cold we moved it inside to the bathroom so we could shut the garage door....and I think we confused the old guy:( At least he kept his pee on the plastic wrap in the box!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

National Organ Donor Sabbath

The weekend of November 14-16, 2008 will be observed as an interfaith celebration of the gifts of hope provided through organ and tissue donation and transplantation. Children and adults all over this country are in need of this life saving gift...I see it every day I am at work. Mothers holding their sick babies day after day while waiting for a new heart. Toddlers walking around the hospital pushing their IV pole day after day while waiting for a new liver. Someone's life will end as another begins. It is so hard.

"Transplantation can save lives, but only if generous individuals and families say yes to donation. One donor may save or improve life for more than 50 recipients. Those who donate organs, tissue, and blood stem cells restore hope and share gifts beyond measure."

Go here to see more information. If you are not already registered to donate, please sign up today!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


"It’s the day after the election, and as usual, America’s come down with the world’s largest case of manic-depressive disorder. Half of the country is crying, calling in sick, or threatening, like conservative actor Stephen Baldwin, to move out of the country. The other half is dancing on their desks, buying drinks for strangers in bars, and gloating shamelessly every time a Republican walks by.

But with emotions still raw from the two-year-long hotly contested campaign, how are people supposed to behave now that it’s over?

For starters, we may want to acknowledge that it’s not quite over yet."
-MSNBC this morning

I have to admit, I am not the biggest Obama fan, but I respect him. All I can do now is hope the best for him as our President. Things are about to get interesting in the White House, and like I said...I truly hope the best for him and the decisions he makes for our Country.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I am so glad I was working on Halloween this year! I have never been at work on Halloween so I had no idea how fun it was! Each unit at the hospital has a "theme" and there is a "Trick or Treat Trail" where all the kids get to walk around and trick or treat! It was so cute to see all the kids dressed up...these kids don't care if they are sick, they still want to have fun just like everyone else! I work on 3 West (solid organ transplant/cardiac surgery) and here are some of our kiddos:
Julio and Carlos

Julio told me last week that he was excited for Halloween, but he did not have a costume. I asked him what he wanted to be and he said a scary skeleton! So a few days later I went to Target and got him this costume....and he LOVED it! He was so excited to "scare" me and everyone else....He is such a sweet boy!

Trent as "Woody" from Toy Story....Trent is a handful and had me running all over the place:)

We all dressed up as Cats and had cute little ears, tails, and bow ties! (Great costume to wear while working because we were able to dress up and still able to run around to do our job!)

Then to top of a great day, I was able to make it home in time to pass out candy with Derek! He ordered pizza and we sat and ate while all the kids came to the was so fun to have so many kids in the neighborhood! Almost all the candy we bought is gone:)